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The Robots Won

The rate at which the temperature is dropping here in Ohio reminds me of the ending of Indigo Prophecy.

The bad ending.


Because my family is "teh lamerz" when it comes to holidays, I spent the past few days with a gal pal. Her and her mom are a COOKIE FACTORY. I got there and literally every non-floor horizontal surface in her kitchen was covered in cookies cooling on aluminum foil. We then hung out, played games, and had fun.

Unfortunately, this fun also included knocking my external hard drive from the arm of the couch to the hardwood floor below. This did not please me. It now fails to function as expected or desired. Ubuntu recognizes that a 500 GB Seagate external drive is attached, but it fails to find a filesystem it can mount. This makes it a large, self-identifying paperweight with a blinking green light.


Writer's Block: Starting from Scratch

What would it take to get you to start a new life on a new world?
I'd be willing to start a new life on a different planet so long as I won't be alone. Give me some friends or team mates or fellow colonists and I'd sign up for just about anything. Dangerous wildlife or not.

Carl Sagan - Glorious Dawn

Apparently, someone decided to take quotes and sound clips of Sagan and remix them into a science song. It's actually really kinda cool, and keeps the same inspirational yet atheistic tone Carl Sagan always had. Considering today is the fifth anniversary of my grandmothers death, I needed a little something to cheer me up, and this definitely worked.

You can find more at Symphony of Science.

Carol of The Great Old Ones

Because there's nothing more awesome than Lovecraftian Christmas carols.


Just converted my music from mp3 to ogg format. This proved to be.... amazing. Not only is ogg a completely free, un-licensed format, but it's also way better with space.

Bad Behavior, from the d20 post, went from 5.1 MB as an mp3 to 2.1 MB as an ogg with no loss of quality that I can hear. That is over a 50% reduction in space. When my d20 music alone was taking up gigs, this is huge.

Just wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to check out ogg or something.

d20 Horror Dump

I dunno why but I'm tired from work and coked up on sugar and tea and I've decided to share some of the tracks I've been using during our d20 Modern survival-horror game.

Noel - Evergreen Unused. (I just think it's pretty). From the video game Obscure 2.
Ballet of Fools. Used when battling the Forsaken Husks. From Obscure 2.
Bad Behavior. Usually used when battling Jumbos. From Obscure 2.
Madness Ambient. Unused, but planned for dark places and when a character is insane. From Eternal Darkness : Sanity's Requiem.
Mansion Ambient. Used when exploring creepy yet not hostile areas. From Eternal Darkness : Sanity's Requiem.
Escape or Fight. Used during panic scenes when shit hits the proverbial fan. From Indigo Prophecy. This particular track does not loop properly.
Crime Scene Investigation. Used when exploring creepy and potentially hostile areas. From Indigo Prophecy.

Also, map of the police station they explored last session! The reddish stuff in the halls is a black, evil energy which the party believes is deadly. It therefore provides a very good blockade. This, like all the other places the characters have visited, is a real place.

And again... digital character sheets! Which were also custom made for this campaign! Because I have an over-abundance of time!

The Big Bang Theory

If you haven't watched it...


If you like nerdy comedy, that is (your secret is safe with me.)

d20 Apocalypse

Logan Blitz : Cage fighter Tough hero.
Gunnery Sergeant Carrie Lawrence : Ex-military Fast hero.
Dr. Christina Shultz : Biochemist Smart hero.

A guy who is really good at punching things and two characters with more than a few ranks in Demolitions. Yeah. This is gonna be interesting.

I am more than a little sad no one picked any psychic feats. Hilariously, only the cage fighter meets the requirements.